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Marijke M Dekker

The Accelerated Learning Hub


Feel free to connect with me today for a no obligation initial telephone call or office based consultation. 


Together let’s address your questions and explore whether our approach to capability development will help you to achieve the results you need quickly.


Looking forward to meeting and working with you!

Your Strategic Business Initiatives

"Fueling your Transformation Engine"


When you integrate Capability Development in your business transformations, you can be sure that your company continues to perform better in the VUCA world after the program is ended.

How to start a movement? We design collaboration as a part of large or small transformations; a way of working to go faster, create better solutions and be smarter than others.

Your company will develop X-functional leaders and teams across layers and borders to meet tomorrows VUCA Challenges today. We work with you on your Business Challenges via:


"Accelerated Design Thinking sessions" Limited time and budget and huge business challenges? lnvite your key players to a (series) of one day Design Thinking sessions to tackle your wicked problems one by one. Using the principles of Design Thinking we go through the process “Share-Learn-Play-Design” resulting in several prototypes visualizing the way forward. Your key players will experience from the start till the end the benefits of collaboration, as they are quickly building sustainable network intelligence. Together we create a brand new world of insights, connections and innovative applicable solutions.


"The Collaborative Transformation Engine" How to expect that an occasional group of people with fragmented knowledge, different interests and hardly any connections will deliver to your transformation program promise? We add “Collaboration” as a third dimension to transformation programs, as the usual two program dimensions “Command & Control” and “Functional Expertise” are not anymore sufficient to deal with the complexity of the current business landscape. With only a small team of collaboration experts we make a huge impact on program results by ensuring transparency, energy, connection and collaboration – all that seems to be lacking today.


The engine fuels your transformation with positive energy and provides a new perspective in dealing with the VUCA world; no reduction but a holistic complexity assessment at the right level of detail building network intelligence and ONE team.