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Marijke M Dekker

The Accelerated Learning Hub


Feel free to connect with me today for a no obligation initial telephone call or office based consultation. 


Together let’s address your questions and explore whether our approach to capability development will help you to achieve the results you need quickly.


Looking forward to meeting and working with you!


 "Riding the Waves in the VUCA World"


Co-creating and facilitating VUCA Leadership Programs, as nowadays Leaders need to cope with the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world of today to make the difference. How to balance apparent opposits; inside-out and outside-in, left and right brain, fast pace and slow pace, now and tomorrow, action and reflection, listening and talking. How to focus again on your strengths, the right time, presence, place and people? Mastering these balances will enable your Leaders to naturally cope with the challenges of today and tomorrow.


According to my experience this is not about (management) tips & tricks. I have learned it by falling down nine times and get up 10. Why should they? Profit from >30 years leadership experience. Your leaders will for sure learn how to live and lead with "delight", as true VUCA leadership is a joy for everybody!

Our main business is to co-create and facilitate tailor made in-company programs to meet the specific VUCA leadership challenges in your Industry.  Ranging from programs for small group to large scale interventions. Read more about the latter on the page "Your Strategic initiatives".


Currently we offer several programs ready to run anytime, anywhere like:


“Meaningful Leadership” dealing with the development of VUCA behavior to become more Agile and Authentic

“Transformational Leadership” focussed on building up an intervention portfolio to rapidly create impactful breakthroughs in transformation cases.


Our programs are based on an “Evidenced Based” Approach. Your leaders will work with their own cases, join virtual meetings, e-coaching (http://www.ecoachpro.nl/en/) and will attend accelerated face-to-face meetings. As such the effectiveness of the participants and the program is measurable. Furthermore they are able to profit from and build a body of knowledge and an international network.