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Marijke M Dekker

The Accelerated Learning Hub


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Your HR Development Function

"Accelerating Growth and Performance"


Turn your HR Development Function (HRD) itself into an "Accelerated Learning Hub" addressing 3.0 Capability Development to influence the DNA of your company to become VUCA proof. As Capability Development is very fertile to create a common ambition and mindset it is THE opportunity for HRD to create a platform to meet these business needs. As your HRD function becomes the Engine for accelerating Growth and Performance. As a result your company will sustain to  "Stand out from the Crowd" in your Industry and we can move out.


In the way we work we actually “walk the talk”. Rather than working from an ivory tower as an architect creating and implementing the re-design of your HRD function, we will constantly mobilize your players from start to finish. Resulting in a Transformation Journey that will be appealing to your business leaders, your employees and HRD itself. All will feel ownership, will want to belong and contribute to create tangible successes. This will deliver results right at the start of your investment, not six months down the line. 


We use our registered model and design your HRD Transformation Journey in a collaborative way, orchestrate all players, focus on business drivers to accelerate progression.


The unique differentiators of ACLUB 3.0 ® model are, compared to models you know today as 1.0 (classroom) and 2.0 (digital) learning:

"Collaboration": from individual to group capability development     

"Acceleration": from today’s to tomorrow’s winning capabilities       

"Innovation": from training to a heart beat of capacity development interventions


You might be interested to educate your HRD people and facilitators to become experts in facilitating transformational breakthroughs . If so, we offer the one year AoF certified study "Advanced Diploma in Facilitating Creative Collaboration". Interested? Contact me:

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